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Welcome to THE MINSTREL BLOG    "Blog Me Some Fun!" - This is a Fool Proof Channel - FOOL PROOF Rating is Rated F - For Real Fun. THE MINSTREL BLOG created by JC Moses  - The Creative Producer iMakeThinkingFun.   I am the first Minstrel to this channel using NEW BUT OLD BLOG posts  - What Grinds My Nuts, Drunk Wisdom. Now if you are a Minstrel, you know you are, and in knowing you are a Minstrel, then you should have a voice uninhibited by any censoring eyes, like post what you want.   You can join the Minstrel in Arms by contributing existing videos to this channel automatically and post what you want, just have belief in the Minstrel Creed. Calling all Minstrels  E-mail and  to get invited, to participate in a 18+ Category, gain full access to load or submit existing videos from other channels. You can contribute through a written blog with video and photo at    Become an a Minstrel at Arms in helping people laugh in time of such uncertainty.

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