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So when I saw our Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati take on the Federal, Provincial, Municipal government over their lies about COVID 19 - I knew that these crooks where at it again. Wake Up Canada! Lawyers do no waste thousands, or millions of dollars on court cases they cannot win.

The Canadian Documentary we were told by our lawyers not to pursue especially after we decided to pursue it anyhow and then had to stop when threatened. That event "Woke Me UP has a Canadian." One of the biggest scandals in Canadian History, has bankers, financier, businesses, corporations, and the real guilty parties are the Politicians who had subverted the Bank of Canada Act since 1974. Now Dan Dicks from Press for Truth had more balls than we did, and he created a great documentary on the Bank of Canada Act and we applaud his bravery for doing it If you are asking what the hell is the Bank of Canada Act. Well, I remember the Bank of Canada Act from my English Teacher in high school, after reading that long descriptive story of The Grapes of Wrath from John Steinbeck and I remember asking that these events happened in the United States during the great depression what happened in Canada? That's where I first heard the Bank of Canada Act where we managed to get out of debt from the severe taxation from the first and second World War and it helped us during the Great Depression which affected Canadians as well. Our fore fathers creating the Bank of Canada spawned thousands of jobs for Canadians, which rebuilt our economy, but it was too perfect of a system especially for the current largest banks at the time from France, United States, Germany, and Japan. Creating our own mint, under a Crown Corporation (which is owned by Canadians) allowed our politicians by an Act of Parliament and from the the review from the Bank of Canada Act directors and governor, to borrow just enough money interest free from our own mint, and then using our yearly taxation collections from every working Canadian to pay off the debts that we borrowed. The heads of the Bank of Canada Act knew to borrow only enough not to cause inflation and in doing so from this initiative it create thousand of jobs for Canadians thus the Municipality was created, hwy s being maintained, city infrastructures, developing the mining industry, hydro electricity, and so many many many more projects and organization that we hold true and proud has Canadians. Our Fore Fathers in Canada were quite smart, for implementing the Bank of Canada Act it also protected us from unlawful market crashes which caused the 1932 Great Depression which Canadian Banks and Canadians alike were also affected. Our economy, and with the vast numerous amount of Natural Resources, from Gold, Platinum, Zinc, Copper, Agriculture, Hydro Electricity, Oil, Forestry, to name just a few, and being the 2nd Biggest Country in the World; Canada, should have been at the top of the richest Countries in the world, and at one point in history it was happening until 1974 then some crooks took advantage of our complicity within the Political Sphere. Just when you thought that our forefathers thought it would be sound to make the The Bank of Canada a Crown Corporation accountable and owned by Canadians without the malevolent influence of the private sector, and that Canadian would be safe from these financial crooks. How wrong we were, we should know by now that crooks will always find a way to manipulate even the greatest of systems for their souls have been lost to fear, ego, narcissism overshadowing their actions to having any causality to the suffering and death of innocent human beings.

As stated again, this brilliant system was not popular though with these crooks especially those from the Financial Industry (Bankers) who saw the Bank of Canada Act has a threat to their monopoly in ruling the classes through UN-payable debts but saw this Act has a model for other Countries to take on, which these elite oligarchs could not have. Actually just after the 2008 financial crisis Iceland took on our Principals of the Bank of Canada Act and it recuperated their economy in no time.

So, basically a bunch of crooks, subverted the Bank of Canada Act in 1974 and who benefited not Canadian Citizens, but Politicians, and all four major Banks in Canada to funnel the printed money for a fee of course. So now Politicians instead of borrowing soundly from our own mint to either maintain or begin new programs to help Canadians with the Art of Living, was now borrowing from a foreign bank at the most unsustainable interest rates, of which all the crooks involved profited very handsomely while Canadian Citizens not aware of what was happening experienced their first food bank after 1974, then we started hearing things like inflation, downsizing, recession, new words to describe the Art of Living (Economics) which then became so technical with jargon that the average Citizens wouldn't care even trying to understand and would hope that our political figures where being fair and just.

This foreign bank by the way prints the worlds money including Canadian Tire Money believe it or not. B & A International a subsidiary of the Giesecke+Devrient Group a German company who were printing the worlds money making every Country a slave to the money borrowed under duress, so instead of the brave politicians actually bringing back the Bank of Canada Act through parliament our political figures went along with the scandal. But when our technologies came about during the age of the internet, of which an Economics Major coined it at the time "as the great equalizer," and with the added publicity push from the Occupy Movement here in Canada, Canadians became aware that we were scammed by a bunch of crooks who had imprisoned Canadians through unlawful debt, much like the enlightened understanding of the Federal Reserve in the United States which is not U.S. Federally owned but privately owned, and they decide how much money the Americans were allowed to borrow. Well for Canada that perfect system needs to go, so instead of convincing a whole bunch of politicians to amend the Bank of Canada or to remove it, which would bring too much attention, it was simply better to ignore and subvert the Bank of Canada Act. Thus only the few would know and profit from its plan to rob you of your hard working money.

D.D.P. studios Inc. and my team got in trouble when we requested an interview with a representative from B & A International of which their office is located in Mississauga a subsidiary Company of Giesecke+Devrient Group a foreign German Bank. and also the serious threat we received especially after our request to interview Mark Carney former Golden Sachs golden boy for 13 years, who worked in Boston, London, New York City, Tokyo and Toronto. Mark Carney is a born Canadian but his majority of his career was worldwide, whether he truly represents Canadian Values, that is another story. Of course he was appointed as the Governor of the Bank of Canada by directors of the Bank of Canada with the "approval" odd word to be used, yes approval of the Governor in Council in England, and connected to, wait a minute, the IMF. Mark Carney was governor under Ralph Goodale, a Liberal and Jim Flaherty, a Conservative it doesn't matter which political party you voted for they were all in on it. Mark Carney was placed by the Prime Minister in 2004 as the Deputy Finance Minister, but frankly, when he was Governor of the Bank of Canada was he to adhere to our Canadian Traditions as our fore fathers would? No, it would seem more so to simply divert and subvert the Bank of Canada Act and making his own profits along the way with shares in Petro Canada. Nonetheless, Mark Carney's lawyers are way better than ours and the threat was real. Imagine in plain sight these crooks managed to plummet our great Canadian Economy to us being in complete mercy to our foreign debt loan which is constantly growing with at least 1 million in interest a day which is now at 700 billion and now with Justin Trudeau, who actually enacted the Bank of Canada Act but missed used it by creating Trillions more and definitely not adhering to the proper Economic principals has created an inflation by borrowing too much thus the Art of Living in Canada has now dwindled again.

I don't know about you, but if you so hardheartedly believe in our Politicians, Banks, Heads of State, Monarchy, then you have lost your way, or perhaps the truth angers you so much you simply just want to stay ignorant because it's easier. But frankly that's lazy thinking, it may be easier for now, until it effects you personally, but by then, its too late. We have come to an age where we now discover that our rulers have been seriously lying to us, crippled us, killed us unnecessarily in flesh and in spirit to where are technologies should have brought us to a Utopia of reasonableness, fairness, dignity, honour and love. These are not virtues that are unattainable, these virtues have been subverted by liars, crooks, dishonourable men and woman, who fear justice, and feel that their happiness is more important and justifiable to manipulate our ignorance to benefit their own illegitimate power over us.

Wake Up Canada! Wake Up Canada! Where do you think Stan Lee got his villains from for his Marvel Universe, from real life. To believe that there could not be an egotistical Dictator who would like, cheat, manipulate, lie, in order to take over the world in order to keep their illegitimate power is fool-hearty on your part and for others like myself it is nothing new under the sun.

Wake Up Canada and let your outrage be known. Wake Up Canada and Speak Up.

So when I saw our Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati take on the Federal, Provincial, Municipal government over their lies about COVID 19 - I knew that these crooks where at it again. Wake Up Canada! Lawyers do no waste thousands, or millions of dollars on court cases they cannot win.

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