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Victoria Day - Photos - May 23, 2022

Dear Powerful Individuals:

One thing about Victoria Day for a Queen who has never set foot in Canada but gave us Tulips and a loaf bread and a National Holiday, a day off of work with a traditional fireworks display in every community across Canada, is still a good thing. Canadians work hard when there are jobs and we don't have a tyrannical government destroying our economy, and so when a National Holiday is offered Canadians will accept the day off regardless if the original intent was dishonest, dishonest in a sense it won't bother my conscious for taking a day off. Canadians enjoy the long weekend from my observations over the years which is a great time to get your garden open, your cottage or camper prepped, or simply catching up with friends and more importantly your family, whatever that may be comprised of. It's a time normally when the weather is fairly nice, warm and its the perfect kick starter celebration for summer. It is a time of renewal of the spirit to finally say good bye to the snow, depending where you live in Canada, cause coming from Timmins Ontario, I remember well the May 2 -four weekend where we had an unexpected snow storm, but we are hardy Canadians and nothing stops us from having a celebration of fun. Canadians work hard and play hard, that's been my observation for many years has a proud Canadian. So when the long weekend comes every year regardless of your knowledge of the reason for the holiday, make it your own, and celebrate it with something good. For me this long May 2-four Weekend was time to super clean the studio and apartment, where I even sort through old cloths to give away, and frankly just clean up the Sanctuary that I have been living or prison (lockdowns) in for the last year. This year I decided to wake up on Monday morning to look at the sunrise, mind you it was my cat Saucy

who constantly wakes me up at 5:30 am like a perfect alarm clock, literally starring at me inches away from my face purring loudly to wake me up, because he has business to attend outside. Yet, he is my familiar for a lack of a word, not trying to sound occultist, but he definitely has my attitude, fortitude and sense of humour. But his needs for waking me up got me to the lakeshore on time for the sunrise in Toronto, of which I took my cameras, made a new time-lapse which I still rendering at the moment, and took my still camera too shoot the beautiful nature and scenery we have in Canada. I hope that you had a memorable Victoria Day has I have and if you didn't, then perhaps for the future Victoria Day May 2-four Weekend you decide to create new forms of celebration for yourself, your friends and family. Here are some of the photos from that day, for your use has a desktop wallpaper or simply to share some of the beauty that life does offer, and hopefully we will be able to continue to share in this beauty. From your Minstrel in Arms, JC Moses.

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