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DRUNK WISDOM - Back on YouTube

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

DRUNK WISDOM - "This is what good people think, after a few drinks. This is DRUNK WISDOM." A great series that was on the web for over 10 years and most of the episodes were purged from our Censored YouTube Channel D.D.P. studios Inc. We Make Thinking Fun. Now this popular fun series is back on YouTube and loading as many episodes as possible, with a plan to produce more episodes.

This mini web series which was developed for Television, and honestly truly inspired the series called DRUNK HISTORY on The Comedy Network. DRUNK WISDOM a reality series of interviewing fine good "nature d" DRUNK Human Beings willing to be asked three DRUNK WISDOM Questions from three different Categories. Now the rules of the Game are simple, you must be Drunk and more importantly willing to have fun. DRUNK WISDOM is always about having fun, and much fun it is, seeing the brave souls answer three DRUNK WISDOM Questions, where there is more wisdom in the question then there is perhaps in our captured answers. Twisting your nipples with deep questions while you DRUNK is so much fun, it stimulates the mind while bubbling your funny bones as you watch. Enjoy.

DRUNK WISDOM Question Categories

1. Sex and Relationship 2. Religion/Spirituality/Philosophy 3. News/Politics/Conspiracy


Originally produced for Television through D.D.P. studios Inc. We Make Thinking Fun under the corporate website From the Published Creative Producers of THE MILLION DOLLAR MAKEOVER on ROGERS Television Channel 10 and

JESUS MEETS THE GAY MAN Comedic Documentary Film distributed by BREAKING GLASS

with so many other media properties to name a few. Since the YouTube Purge of our Channel we have decided to upload many old contents for your perusal and not lose hope. If you are having a difficult time watching any episodes on YouTube, go to RUMBLE at this link for the accounts are synchronized D.D.P. studios Inc. first started has a small business from 2006 to 2011 in Durham Region in Association with ROGERS TV and in February 2011 we Federally Incorporated as D.D.P. studios Inc. "We Make Thinking Fun!" "Media with an Edge." At that time, we only had one Property underneath our belt which was the Production of THE MILLION DOLLAR MAKEOVER on Rogers Communications which went National on the Last Episode. After Incorporation we produced many more properties that we were developed for Television and other Media Platforms. We were trying to keep alive as we continued investing our monies into keeping D.D.P. studios Inc. from folding through the COVID 19 PCR Pandemic, of which the opinions of the CEO JC MOSES regarding COVID 19 was not popular with other agencies and our support base thought we were going insane, even though we were not. Unfortunately, due to forest weeds like (Censorship, Unlawfulness, Lazy Thinkers, Chaos Government,) our beautiful Boreal Forest is now dead, but it will return one day when this area gets hit by lightning and the weeds burn up and the land cultivates a new Boreal Forest to prosper. Getting to the point without the Dramas, D.D.P. studios Inc. needed to fold as July 11th of 2021 due to COVID 19 Restrictions, and Censorship, Lockdowns. Since No Clients, and with years of application we were never entitled to OMDC or Telefilm Funding, which then led to loss of subscriptions and finally we could not sustain any projects without additional investors and finally the capital wore out and I was left the choice of closing down the Corporation as of July 11 2021 . For all the fans, apologies for the lack of warning when The YouTube Purge occurred, nothing we could do, we wish to thank all the fans that made that channel cool, funny and witty. Peace all. Watch all our Content on Rumble or DailyMotion we will be loading episodes after episodes of our cool properties for the next few months.

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