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DIGITAL STORES KEEP Artists Alive and well fed - My funny Poor Story

There is nothing more depressing in seeing a super talented, well crafted, disciplined Artist whether he/she is published or not published looking so thin that they could fall through the cracks of the wood floor. I remember being so poor has an Artist I couldn't afford a can of cat food for my two cats Mommy Kitty and Saucy Boo, and I remember being so poor that I made Kraft Dinner with oil instead of margarine and powdered milk. So, I fed some of the rigged Kraft Dinner to my cats and ate the rest which was somewhat palatable but for the my two cats it was not happening, so they took off outside probably to beg the neighbours for some food. I sat back down in my office chair and kept editing Jesus Meets The Gay Man on a crappy PC that kept crashing all the time when rendering, and I had to render every part of the movie because I couldn't afford an upgrade on ram to view the edit in real time. Least to say my two cats came in with a dead bird and a dead mouse looking at me saying "hey man can you fry this shit or turn into that pate stuff you used to feed us with?" I couldn't stop laughing seeing my two cats contributing to the house hold and it was kinda funny. So I couldn't feed my cats Kraft dinner with powdered milk and oil again, so I begged again my neighbour for the third time today, first time was for a bar of soap, which I realized it was six in the morning, then I asked to borrow his WIFI code in order to access my e-mails, and now had to beg him for some cat food. Thank god he has a sense of humour after I told him the story, of which he wouldn't believe me until I asked him to check it out, and he saw for himself the dead bird and mouse on the ground laid out in a ceremonial fashion in front of my office chair with the two cats there waiting. It was a sight to see, and he wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it himself, but in his gracious generosity he gave me a full can of food and some dry food in a separate bag. I was grateful to say the least. But the reality is that's what many talented, crafted artists have to go through in order to pursue a career in the arts which in the end if you can survive and not die of starvation, you become a powerful artists who brings, joy, insight and beauty to the world. But with the new digital world it has become easier now for artist to support themselves with products sold through websites and everything is so automated with little start up costs which was very difficult to do in the past. So, I am encouraging many of you to contribute to local Artists by buying a t-shirt or a mouse pad or a mug or become a patreon member and feel good knowing that the Artists you are supporting won't be making Kraft Dinner with powdered milk and vegetable oil and depending on their pets for food that week. Trust me you never want to eat mouse. Just saying. Support me here and my friend Razvan by buying a t-shirt of KNOBnoxious or buying a beautiful framed Photos from my Art Collections. Thank you for your support. Peace

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