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Beware of the Career Professional Class

Updated: May 7, 2022

Beware of the "Career" Professional Class and Scientism - Audi Alteram Partem - Always look to the other side.... never have I seen it this bad in the so-called Professional Class, filled with Career Journalist, Career Doctors, Career Nurses, Career Scientists, Career Professors, Career Lawyers, Career Politicians, Career Police, Career Fireman, Career Paramedics, those individuals who have more a duty to their Careers then a duty to the most likely truth. And the obvious clue to all Citizens and Humans on this planet when we stop listening to an opposing view and we allow the censoring of the Professional Journalists, Professional Doctors, Professional Nurses, Professional Scientists, Professional Professors, Professional Lawyers, Professional Politicians, Professional Police, Professional, Fireman, Professional Paramedics, whom have not just a duty to the likely truth, they have a duty to aiding in the sanctuary of Human Beings, so when the Professional Class start massively censoring each other in the name of "its Science", it no longer becomes Science it becomes Propaganda and this is why.

People call me a Conspiracy Theorist at the drop of hat now, when asking a simple obvious question when talking about science. "Conspiracy Theorist" has become a pejorative excuse word that people childless Ly yell out to shame someone in a discussion when they themselves cannot answer. I came to realize that the average Citizen and Human on the planet does not have the knowledge or more so the discipline or behaviour to be diligent to the value of understanding our surroundings. Many times, I would challenge especially, smart individuals, and thanks to a great meme, I call them back a Complicity Theorists. We've become too complicit in what we think or feel is true, and lazy in thought and behaviour. When it comes to your health and your family, it is not a time to be complicit there are moments when you need to allow trust, but then there are moments when you need good information and understanding to make a proper choice. Science is about trial and error, it’s about. having the courage to realize what we thought to be lines of evidence no longer support the original Hypothesis. and then having the emotional courage to put it aside these beliefs and create a whole new Hypothesis or redevelop the original Hypothesis... to then become a good Theory that your observation, of an occurrence or circumstance of the natural world is most likely true. I didn't take this out of a dictionary. Has a Professional Artist, I am trying to sum up a complex, awesome, system of thought that always spawned my imagination to grow, breath and live in the awe of magic that surrounds us so I can embrace Faith and Hope and Creativity more successfully. All good Scientific theories have multiple lines of evidence to support its answers to an observation, and through logic and through a healthy emotional reason we developed a Scientific Method of amazing experimentations, methodology, observations, processes, collection of data, analysis, conclusions, that are repeated over and over, with different variables, different policies to remove bias from belief for instance, in a *Pharmaceutical Drug example, where researchers are blinded into which patients who had taken the real medication over the placebo because researchers favoring successful results would skew their treatment of all the patients whom were part of the experiment. Does this mean emotions are not allowed in the scientific method, absolutely no, frankly its necessary to have emotions to guide motivation and intention. The Scientific Method is to give the most likely truth of an observation of what occurs naturally in nature; again, the most likely truth, because in the 21st Century of discoveries, a lot can change in a day. Some people would say to me "JC you have bias toward the professional class!" I would think about it and realize no I am not bias if the professional class actually were noble in their profession. Many times I see pride, prejudice, arrogance and a talk down to individuals has if they existence didn't matter. John Fresco was right when he said that in the 21st Century "Society now talks at each other rather than talk with each other." You can truly see this happenstance within the Career professionals today when listening to Doctors in the Emergency Room talking down to patients has if they were poor little puppies, it is frankly revolting and dehumanizing. But factually there are many individuals in the professional class that do not behave this way, and its too bad we don't see those professionals who exercise their profession with a healthy emotional state get invited on Prime Time Television, perhaps because Prime Time Television is now about producing fear and shame? Who knows Prime Tim Television's intentions anymore, it is simply a concrete observation or perhaps a bias?

Speaking of biases, that is another phenomenon which has gone mad in its approach to define a certain belief. We have now corporations giving courses to their employees to identify Gender Bias, Race Bias, and these new definitions are becoming popular and used now not to inform or elevate the human spirit but more so has a weapon to shame and accuse individuals who do not support their cause or beliefs. It sounds intellectual to have so much information and to spew off small statements to discredit individuals who don’t fit the label. For instance, there is now a chart called the Cognitive Bias Codex of 255 defined cognitive biases, see below. I believe that having more definitions, adding more terms or even redefining words to suit the popular narrative does not solve the problem of being bias.

Creating more systems, more words, or more pronouns for instance does it really benefit our societies, communities, your workplace or your family life? Being able to memorize all these definitions can become a form of "Vain Knowledge", where someone uses knowledge for vain purposes. But then I am not jumping to the conclusion that the intentions of creating a Cognitive Codex of 255 biases is wrong or the author of the study is trying to be malevolent. What I am saying is that sometimes the road to hell is many times paved by good intentions. In our efforts to use the mind without the spirit or the soul to create terminology or new phraseologies many times we may end up not getting at the root of what causes biases to begin with? I believe all this talk in defining our biases is creating more biases because of the emotional usage of these new definitions. In general, I see people using these bias terms to sound intelligent or to quickly label to discrete someone or something that we hate. Now please do not judge me for my introspection of my own biases of the categories, and new definitions of biases. I am simply seeing a distortion in our thoughts and languages and wonder whether we complicate things too much; therefore, we become lazy in becoming bias of other people’s opinions. I love science and believe its important to continue the process of this discipline, but it is not infallible, nor can we assume its not corruptible. Perhaps we should realize that being bias is a personal introspection of realizing that you assumed certain things that you thought were true without questioning or looking up to research to cite its validity. I catch myself many times with this problem in logic, where our emotional passionate self-got in the way of being diligent in looking things up. With all of our fancy titles and knowledge we can seriously harm a society when we care more about these definitions with its knowledge or along with our fancy titles rather than the emotional noble end result of what our Professions should be about.

From my observations and data collected from psychology and my understanding of the Scientific Method, if we cannot keep constantly be in a healthy progressive Mind, Soul and Spirit, meaning we quickly over think or over react emotionally, we can harm ourselves and the people we truly love. It is not a healthy progression in being complicit either or allowing to be swayed through a bias of the Career Professional Class "can do no wrong" meanwhile your belief has been indoctrinated to a perverted half-truth. Allowing ourselves to become apathetic when we see the childish censoring of the opposition from the same Professional Class, we then cease to have a healthy progressive mind, soul and spirit, and therefore it ceases to be Scientific, and then we land up feeding Propaganda.

In the end I always say this, "our systems are not necessarily the problem, it is our Bad Behaviours of the mind, soul and spirit within these systems that is the true problem."

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