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Welcome to KNOBnoxious with nonstop knobing from JC Moses and Razvan hosting commentary with jokes, insights, philosophy, history all while being kobnoxious by bringing sanity to our Canadian Art and Culture.  Live record from Toronto Ontario, these two comedic minstrels will entertain you on things you shouldn't talk about but should talk about. We will say it for ya.  Weekly Episodes  Don't Miss out. 



This Pilote Episode 1 we talk about to Mask or not to Mask that is the question.  With Jokes, Memes laughing at our Canadian Culture, with educational talks and truths to make you feel like a knob.    We Make Thinking Fun. 

Take a look at what's Knobing on our radar this week. 


This Weeks Episode Fake Virtue Astroturfing

We discuss the insanity of people in our Canadian Culture exploding in complete religiosity over the next cause to believe in.  We Make Thinking Fun. 

Take a look at what's Knobing on our radar this week. 


This Weeks Episode Scientism. We discuss the dangers of Scientism and its relationship to current Science Hypothesis and Discoveries and its relationship to history from Stalin's Lysenkoism.


Great Documentary - The Magicians Twins C.S. Lewis

Scientism Article




This week were knobing on the word Bias and Biases.  JC Moses and Willfont The Rapper  with obnoxious talk on the issue of Biases and the discussion on whether coming up with many definitions of Biases, that in the end we are creating more biases?   Check it out Great Episode with a recommended movie from 1979  from WillFont the Rapper.

Die Hamburger Krankheit 1979 - The Hamburg syndrome


This Week we tackle Balance Thinking and the difficulty of

not destroying oneself in the process of the over amount of

information driven to us on a daily basis.  This is a great episode as we look at the virtues to explore balance thinking.

Check out the wisdom of these two Minstrels of JC Moses and Raz.

 The Last Valley - Michael Caine - 1971 Full Movie 1080 p on YouTube


This week us Minstrels tackle the problem of Adapting to the Manufactured Fake Conflicts being created by malicious Politicians, Corporate Leaders, Media Outlets from Television, Radio, Print and from the Internet.   How to adapt.  Check it out

Film pick from Raz   The Conformists - Great film related to this topic.  Available on YouTube in Low Rez or Rent or Buy in HD from YouTube. 

DDP Vradio Daily

DDP Vradio Daily

Welcome to DDP Vradio Daily - For those days you feel like a nut and for those days you don't -  I am that I am JC Moses a Super Smart, Crazy, French Aboriginal Canadian Gay Man who died of AIDS and came back to life, with a slight anger issue towards lazy thinkers, and injustices of all sort, with a regular pot smoking habit, and a Published Photographer, Producer, Director, Editor and Writer,  Jagoff Comedian and I am your host for the next two hours on DDP Vradio Daily, playing some of the greatest Canadian Bands ever played on a Network.  I discuss all the topics you are told not to... Politics, Conspiracy, Complicity, Religion, Spirituality, Sex and Relationships, and whatever comes fancy my way all with a Humouristic Touch. Check out old episodes for Vradio or Spotify on the links below.  Subscribe and share if you like.  Don't hesitate to contact me for any Media Services and Art Work at

DDP Vradio Night

 Welcome to DDP Vradio NIGHT - Viewer Immaturity is Advised - Hosted by JCMOSES with the original co-host, the funny and talented The Urban Mystic, Recorded Live every Thursday from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm with funny bits like The Forbidden Tweets and the Goggins Minute written by The Urban Mystic and the our infamous The UFO Video on Trial.  The Urban Mystic had to travel to India to marry his new wife and we never heard from him again after COVID 19 hit the world.  Still looking for our cosmic friend but soon the Universe brought a new co-host the Ireverent Michael Ambeau also recorded Live at 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm with funny bits like Memes Me Up Scotty, The Pussy Monologues, the UFO Video On Trial, Video of the Day, and The Three Most Likely Truths.  Talking truth through humour along with music from  Canadian Bands, only the DDP Network 

DDP Vradio Night
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