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Filmmaker . Director .Photographer . Videographer . Producer . Editor . Writer . Comedian




I Am that I Am a Super Smart, Crazy French Aboriginal Canadian Gay Man who died of AIDS and came back to life, and now a Published Photographer/Videographer/Producer/Director/Editor/Writer/Comedian for film/television/web/radio/print and the only Canadian Gay Jagoff Comedian of the Village.  Just think of a cross between Joe Rogan and Jimmy Dore from the U.S. and laugh all you want it's my fantasy.   Very Proud of My Work.   Scroll through the feed of my video portfolio of optics, bumpers, break bumpers, PSA, Commercials, Network Teasers, Scissor Reels, Episodes of Original Content and peruse through my podcasts and photography portfolio.


Cuz I am JC Moses The Creative Producer and iMakeThinkingFun  

Peace to everyone including the people that hate me. 

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